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Ask anyone with a home or other small business to name their biggest challenge and effective prospecting will be #1. Yet, customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any successful business. 

Prospecting doesn’t have to be as difficult nor as “hit and miss” as it seems, once you understand that it is both an art and science.

Wouldn’t prospecting be easier if you could approach it from the point of view of the prospect?  Prospect Smarter gives you just that, insight into the mind of the prospectI guarantee that this book is unlike any book on prospecting and marketing you’ve read before or your money back!

No hype, no overblown promises, no oversimplified talking scripts.  Just 60 pages of insight into how prospects think about products, brands, purchasing.  See Table of Contents below. In fact, you will often recognize yourself when the tables are turned and you are the one being prospected.

Armed with an understanding of the customer value equation, purchasing process, target marketing, you will be motivated and energized to prospect with a renewed sense of purpose.  Not only are the key concepts discussed with examples, but each is followed by a hands-on exercise that allows you to apply the concept to your particular network marketing or MLM product.

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Table of Contents..


Purpose           4

What You Will Learn in This Book    7


The Corporate Marketer’s Role          8

The Network Marketer’s “Marketing” Role   8

Selling or Marketing?  10

How this Book is Organized  10


I. Your Product is Not Your Business!          11

Your Assignment # 1  12

Market vs. Product Business Definition         12


II. Understanding the Customer Value Equation       13

Psychic Costs  15

Does Network Marketing carry a unique psychic cost?         16

Emotional Benefits are the Key          16

Your Assignment # 2  19

Functional and Emotional Benefits    19


III. Target Marketing  20

Your Assignment # 3  22

Defining Your Target Prospect           22

Target Market Size      24

Estimating Target Market Size           25

So how is a new concept survey conducted? 25

Your Assignment # 4  27

Concept Evaluation    27


IV. How Prospects Make Purchase Decisions            30

Complex Buyer Behavior       32

Dissonance-Reducing Buying Behavior         33

Variety-Seeking Buying Behavior      33

Habitual Buying Behavior      34

Your Assignment # 5  35


Types of Buyer Behavior        35

Buying Decision Process        35

Problem Recognition  36

Information Search     36

Evaluation of Alternatives      37

Importance of Brand Consideration Set         37

Purchase          40

Post-Purchase Evaluation       40

Why didn’t the prospect buy?            41

Your Assignment # 6   43

Purchasing Process      43


V. Competitive Positioning    44

Source of Volume       47

Competitive Comparisons       51

Competition Levels     53

Your Assignment #7


VI. Putting it all together – The Value Proposition    53

Your Assignment # 8  55

 Summary         56


References      58


About Vanessa Besteda Jackson        61

References      63

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About The Author:

Vanessa B. Jackson

Vanessa Besteda Jackson, M.A., M.B.A. has enjoyed a successful 30-year career in corporate marketing. She has held senior marketing positions with Kraft General Foods, SBC Communications and Navistar.

 Vanessa is not only the author of Prospect Smarter, Not Harder: The Art and Science of Getting More Customers, but also a small business Marketing Coach and adjunct marketing instructor. She coaches network marketers, home business owners and other small business entrepreneurs in developing successful, breakthrough strategies to grow their business. Services included developing Business Plans, Marketing Strategy and Tactics, Prospecting Plans, Product Viability Assessments, Market Research and Target Market Size Estimations.